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Ever have trouble finding the best deals for luxury products?

Thankfully, you’ve found me – Alexandra, and I’m a PRO at finding luxury products that don’t come with a luxury price tag.

How do I do this, you ask?

I shop online.  Almost Daily!  I leverage the power of finding deals, coupons, wholesale deals, and closeouts.  This allows me to get the best in luxury for the best price possible.

I’m not cheap, but I’m not a sucker.  I find that with a tiny bit of research, I can save myself gobs of money and get even MORE stuff!

For example, I uncovered a way to get the award-winning Elite Serum for 33% off.   (Thanks to my friend Kat, who tipped me off to this and equally inspired me with her best skin care product review blog).   This product has the UNREAL anti aging miracle ingredient that was talked about by Dr. Oz himself.

It’s called Argireline.  Probably the top anti-wrinkle ingredient available right now, this product was an early pioneer of using this ingredient, and it’s widely credited with being the best anti aging product around.  Read why people feel that way in my skin care review section of this website.

As I uncover new deals, I always post them in a very easy-to-follow categorized manner.  As I find more stuff, I’ll add more categories.  The blog is in it’s infancy, but it will continue to grow.  So bookmark the page and you’ll be on your way to saving money.

Btw, I encourage user participation and LOVE when people help out.  Especially when brands contact me and offer free products in exchange for PR!  So if you ever want to contribute to my site, just contact me please.  

New for 2014:

If you are into the ULTRA luxury, then don’t miss out on this hot tub boat!  You can read more about the amazing, over-the-top products for sale like this at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hot Tub Boat

Ahhh…..The Good Life!

Looking to Play the Market?

Investing The stock market is an intimidating and inviting place for new investors. If you are new, you can easily be overwhelmed and make the wrong move without even realizing it. Investing is not as difficult a feat as it is thought to be by newbies.

Your probably thinking, “Why the heck is this post on a site geared towards luxury product reviews?”

Well, let’s just say that I am a bit irked at the market.  Over 17,000 the DOW closed at last week before the national holiday.  Let that sink in for a minute.  17,000!

So, I went out and thought to myself, are people going to spend all the money they are making in the market?  Sheesh, I hope not.

I would think that people are smarter than that.  Personally, I follow Contrarian investor Charles Moscoe.  He’s had a few great picks this year, and I like to spend money on luxury items, so I figure I’ll continue with that trend so I can keep my impulse buys up!  I like to think that a contrarian trader is someone to follow. My logic behind that is simple – if “regular” investors were good, everyone would be wealthy, right?

Anyways, here’s todays bit of “Motherly advice.”


Before we get started on the tips, I’d like to brief you about the precautions that you should take before entering the stock market as an investor.

  • Know exactly how much risk you can take. The stock market is not an easy ride and for starters, it can pretty much equal to a rollercoaster ride. Thus, assess and know how much risk you can take before getting started
  • If you are not a fan of reading, researching and staying up to date with stocks daily, invest in a mutual fund account as this will allow you to get started without getting too overwhelmed
  • Make the most out of 401K plans, IRAs and Keogh plans as all these provide great tax breaks to investors
  • Never forget to read price-earnings ratio, which are reported by stock tables in newspapers. These ratios will allow you to compare the stock industry regulations and norms before investing.  Investment is usually done for the long term. Never think that by investing all your money today, you will become a billionaire soon.

Having said that, if you are ready and fully convinced about entering the stock market, here are certain instructions that you can benefit from.

1-    Reading and researching are the keys to invest in the stock market. Get educated. Take a class or seminar on investing and read online financial websites to get all the insights and tips on the market you are about to enter

2-    Don’t just invest without a strategy. You should develop financial goals and a sound investing/stock picking strategy

3-    Take individual stocks and research on them by reading quarterly and annual reports. You can also find other helpful information by reading files from the Securities and Exchange Commission

4-    If you are confident about a certain type of investment, invest in that. Always invest in something you know. Also consider investing in stocks of domestic companies which you know and are confident about

5-    Diversify your portfolio. Don’t just invest in a stock or two. Also avoid picking just 1-2 industries.

6-    Buy stocks that you can hold for the next 3-5 years. Don’t dump stocks when their prices fall by a few points. Be patient and five the stock chance.

Again, I’m following the picks that you can find here: